Thursday, May 7, 2009

This Swine Flu is Outta Control!

I really don't understand why everyone is going crazy! I don't think it's that serious! People are wearing masks and thousands of people die from the common flu only 90 somethin have died from the swine, yet no one is wearing condoms when millions are STILL dying from HIV/AIDS. Get it together people! PLUS wearing a mask does not protect you from catching the swine flu, your suppose to wear it IF you do have it to stop it from spreading.

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Carl said...

on the real preach that shit... cause studies show that the swine flu cannot even be considered a serious out break compared to other flu's in the past such as asian flu 500,000 to 1m dead , chinese flu claimed 3m-5million dead and the spanish flu which clamed more than 5million lives and considereding that the swine flu is at only 13 percent of that scale so yes like you said PEOPLE GET IT TOGETHER